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Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Genetics,

Talent, Education, and the “24/7 Grind” is Wrong

Plus… how to get the life you REALLY want faster, easier and

with less hustle than you ever thought possible...

Melanie McCool, C.Ht.

“Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake. Our fires are damped… the human individual lives far within his limits.”

~ William James, the father of American Psychology

Dear Reader,

Today, I’m going to ask you to take a leap of faith.

I’m going to ask you to set aside the idea that the 24/7 hustle and grind is the key to success.

In fact, scientific evidence now proves that prosperity, not scarcity, is our natural state of being.

That’s good news because things that are natural, do not need to be forced… they simply need to be allowed to flourish… the weeds and obstacles to growth removed.

But there’s a problem...

This leap of faith also goes against the din of voices that shout their conventional wisdom at you. Voices we’ve all been asked to believe--and obey--both consciously and subconsciously.

These voices remind us that some people are born with certain gifts, talents, and opportunities while others are not…

… that talent and high intelligence and god-like willpower are precious gems to be polished precisely because they are rare and scarce.

The rest of us?

We are to accept our fate.

We are to be “ok” with the limitations they say are built into our genes, our circumstances, our past choices, and the choices of generations of our ancestors.

In other words, they want us to believe we are doomed to repeat the genetic failings of our ancestral lines… that we are simply pawns subject to the genetic kings, the circumstantial queens, and the hard working, ever hustling rooks, bishops, and knights of society.

They say...

We can’t ALL be happy. We can’t all be healthy. We can’t all be rich. And certainly not ALL at the same time.

We’ve been led to believe, both by the powers that be, and well meaning friends and family, that there’s simply not enough to go around. 

We’ve been sold the lie that things are valuable only BECAUSE they are scarce… BECAUSE they are lacking. 

We’ve been patted on the head and told to be realistic. To be grateful. Content with our lot in life. 

Oh sure, you deserve your “fair share.” 

But don’t you dare expect to be more, do more, or have more--they will label that as greed. 

We’ve been conditioned to believe that success, if attainable at all, requires a 24/7 grind (mentally, physically, and spiritually). 

And if we do start to break through and find success in this world? 

Our friends and family and religion and pop-culture drag us back to “safety” by warning us success will cost us everything--including our families, our health, and even (or maybe especially) our integrity. 

And of course, they remind us too that a little more talent (and luck) than we were born with is needed if we REALLY want to succeed in life. 

The trouble is… 

Conventional Wisdom Isn’t Working

As an entrepreneur you realize prosperity isn’t tied to genetics, talent, circumstances, luck, or even IQ.

You understand you’re not bound by those things.

Which is smart. Because the data is in and the conventional wisdom narrative is, quite simply, not working.

Consider these 3 headlines I pulled with a quick google search:

Now, because you’re online reading this letter, my guess is that you agree with me. You agree with the research. And you agree the traditional, conventional path isn’t for you.

However, if you’re like MANY of the entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and artists I’ve worked with…

Maybe you’ve given into the part of the narrative that says:

   “... the only way to deal with lack is through hard work, will power, grit, and relentless hustle.

Who could blame you!?

This 24/7 hustle and grind narrative is all over instagram and facebook...

It’s convincingly displayed in all its cinematic glory on motivational YouTube channels too...

But here’s the truth that these people either don’t know, are hiding, or haven’t yet discovered...

The need to hustle and grind 24/7 isn’t just ridiculous, it’s unsustainable at best and at worst… it’ll take you down and try to kill you.

I know because that was my story...

From Broke to Millionaire to Broken...

In case we haven’t met, my name is Melanie McCool. And for more years than I care to admit, I bought into the conventional wisdom narrative.

And the cost?

Well, while I did become a millionaire, I almost died too. 

That’s not me being dramatic. It’s what actually happened. 

You see, I thought I’d finally “made it.” 

I was a millionaire. 

But it wasn’t enough... 

Raised by a single mom who was surrounded by a poverty mindset, I literally “shopped” for my school clothes from the charity box at church. On top of that, there was often literally nothing to eat in the house. I don’t mean nothing we felt like eating. I mean nothing to eat.

And even though after a while things got somewhat better, the lack and poverty mindset stuck. 

In my 20’s I dove into the world of personal development. I was both shocked and mesmerized. It changed the course of my life.

In my 30’s I took another dive into the world of professional development. I discovered tools and techniques and mindsets I could use to work my way out of the lower working class. 

I was starting to win… at least in my career. 

Because at the same time, I’d gotten myself into a toxic marriage. And I didn’t know how to cope. So, I worked even harder. 

I hustled harder to increase my earnings. I grinded to master my craft. And I made it. 

Or so I thought. Because despite my rags to riches story, I was also overworked and miserable (because my core belief was still “making money is hard work”). 

Plus, I was getting rid of the money as fast as I could (because “rich people are evil”). 

Both of these underlying beliefs reinforced the cycle of overworking. 

Worst of all, I developed a life-threatening stress disorder that forced me out of my career. 

Despite my bank account being healthy, my body, mind, and spirit were broken.

I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and go on a journey of self-discovery. I spent tens of thousands of dollars, countless hours of research, and invested in numerous mentors, counselors, and guides to find a better way. 

And what was the number one thing I discovered? 

Through it all, I learned that in order to regain my health and return to my work, I needed to reprogram my mind.

I also discovered a science that unlocked my own ability to rapidly reprogram my mind for prosperity. 

It didn’t require me to spend years in psychotherapy. I didn’t need to rely on learning some effective but slow technique like transcendental meditation. And I didn’t have to depend on outside “help” from reiki or some other healing modality. 

Instead, after all my searching, I discovered there was only one thing that would undo the damage of childhood trauma, and the hidden, subconscious beliefs installed by the narrative that were sabotaging me.

And it can do the same for you...

Prosperity Isn’t “Out There” to Attract, It’s Inside You to Create

“The single most powerful asset we have is our mind. If trained well, it can create enormous wealth.”

~ Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad, Poor Dad

So back to that leap of faith…

I’m inviting you to…

  • Set aside the idea that the 24/7 hustle and grind is your key to success.
  • ​Try a better, easier, and faster way to the true prosperity your mind, your heart and your soul long for.
  • Discover a new language of prosperity that opens up what’s possible for every area of your life.

It’s the same journey I’ve taken.

And now I want to be your guide as you discover this amazing journey from hustle and grind and scarcity and lack to prosperity and ease and flow.

You see, human willpower and intelligence and intuition and discernment and talent are not labor intensive to harness like coal or oil. 

Rather, they are more like sunshine in the southwest or wind along the coast--abundant and available. 

The problem isn’t your inadequate genes, IQ, talent, or luck. The problem isn’t that you aren’t working hard enough. 

The problem has been your inability, until now, to tap into, unblock, and guide the internal resources you already have… to activate all that knowledge and wisdom… to harness all those relationships… and to let all of who you really are flow. 

Few of us know our true ability to create the lives we really want. It’s so easy to miss just how close we are to having it all. 

Fortunately, through my own trials, I was able to uncover a way for you to tap into all of your unactualized potential with almost zero effort and certainly without hustling harder. 

As I mentioned above, this science of programming prosperity into my heart, mind, and soul literally saved my life and my career. 

Even better, it reprogrammed how my mind, body, and spirit perceived business, wealth, creativity, time, health and all of the other things I thought were lacking or scarcely available to me except through ridiculous effort. 

And I’m not the only one experiencing astounding results thanks to this new science that literally reprograms you for true prosperity.

They Got Programmed For Prosperity™ Too...

Can you really be “programmed for prosperity?”

Well, let’s consider 3 quick examples…

How Biljana K. Collapsed Time...

Biljana K., an Empowerment Coach, discovered a new clarity and renewed determination for her calling after receiving her new program for prosperity.

New habits not only emerged to support what she wanted to create, they stayed. She told me her experience was such an “efficient way to collapse the time it took to implement [her] desired changes.”

And what’s more valuable than time? 

Or consider…

How Donna Got Her Joy back...

Donna was a stay at home mom for 17 years. After going back into the workforce she landed in a toxic work environment that literally had her end her day in tears.

But her “blinders” kept her feeling hopeless and “boxed-in” to her soul-sucking job.

Why? Because she believed she wasweighed down by expenses and obligations.” 

In short, she told me she was literally “scared to make a change.”

Text book scarcity thinking. 

But once we worked together and reprogrammed her mind for prosperity, she and her husband got into real estate. Now she tells me, “... properties are selling, I get referrals daily, and best of all, the joy is back!” 

Another example I love to share is…

How Sean Doubled His Income...

Sean, a freelancer and long-time solo-preneur, was feeling stuck. Even though he consistently made a six-figure income annually over the last 10 years, it was a roller coaster ride from month to month. Some months he’d bring in $30k and other months, zero.

And even though every year ended up within a few dollars of the year before, everything felt full of effort and stress.

Just 4 months after his new program for prosperity was installed Sean says, “I got an offer to run a team for a friend, my income doubled, and everything is just easier and more stable.”

Even better was the ripple effect on his team. They worked less, got more done with less drama, and literally reduced their number of sick days. 

As you’ll see, these are not one-off success stories. 

These results are typical. Not guaranteed, but typical of the types of results many people can expect with this new science of programming prosperity into your body, mind, and spirit.

So, if you’re interested in programming yourself for true prosperity without frustration, without grinding, and without sacrificing the best of your life at the altar of career success, then here’s what you need to know…

The New Programming Language of Prosperity

If you want to become programmed for prosperity, then you’ll need to upgrade the current operating language of your mind.

You’ll want to install a new language your mind can use to overwrite the “scarcity code” of the conventional wisdom narrative.

The best way to install this new programming language is using a science called hypnotherapy. 

It’s what turned my life around and it’s what turned around the lives of tens of thousands of others around the world. 

Now, you may have some doubts or even concerns about hypnotherapy. 

That’s understandable. 

There’s a lot of misinformation and fear around this powerful and proven process precisely because of how effective it is.

But really hypnotherapy is nothing more than a process that provides deep and direct access to the subconscious.

Once accessed, it’s effortless to reprogram the inner healer and decision maker in your mind, your body and even your spirit.

In fact, according to Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia hypnotherapy can…

“... achieve what was previously considered impossible: to overcome an ingrained behavior usually outside our conscious control.”

It’s also important to know you never lose control during hypnotherapy.

Instead, it’s more like focused daydreaming or the feeling of “losing yourself” in a good book or movie.

You are fully conscious but you tune out most of the stimuli around you. This allows you to focus deeply while you just, relax. And, without any effort on your part, the new program of prosperity you want is installed.

But Does Hypnotherapy Really Work?

According to Harvard Medical School hypnotherapy is…

“... well studied and legitimate form of treatment for conditions ranging from obesity and pain after surgery to anxiety and stress.”

Another study reports those who tried hypnotherapy for just 7 days experienced…

  • 32% more happiness
  • 51% reduced procrastination
  • 45% less stressed feelings
  • ​58% less depressed feelings

And the website PositivePsychology.com tells us that…

“Hypnotherapy has proven incredibly valuable in the management and treatment of negative and unhelpful behaviors.”

These might be unhelpful behaviors like procrastination, overwhelm, indecision, self-sabotage, overeating, and more.

Or they might be negative patterns of thought like fear of failure, fear of success, self-doubt, self-criticism, and so much more.

Now imagine removing these negative behaviors from your life…
What could you do?

What could you accomplish?

What couldn’t you accomplish!?

I believe the juicy dream life you really want is possible with hypnotherapy.

But not just any hypnotherapy will do. You need someone who can take what we now know about the languages of self-hypnosis and positive psychology and combine them so that they are in harmony with the true prosperity you want for your life.

It’s a unique combination for sure. And it’s not easy to find.
For that reason, I researched, developed, and refined a way for you to...

Get Programmed for Prosperity™

Programmed for Prosperity™ isn’t just an idea, it’s a fun, easy to follow guided program that takes you from where you are to the life of your dreams.

In direct opposition to the conventional wisdom narrative, I believe no-one should have to sacrifice their health and happiness or compromise what they value for the sake of their career.

That’s why I created Programmed for Prosperity™

Because I cannot stand to see your brilliance buried, your light dimmed, your talents being wasted--or even slightly undervalued. 

The income you desire? You deserve it!

The impact you want to create on the world? You can create it!

The freedom to live your life and do your career your way? Yes!

So here’s my offer to you...

Give Me Just 63 Days and You’ll Get Everything You Need to Effortlessly Overcome Whatever Holds You Back...

There are 3 main areas keeping otherwise beautiful and powerful entrepreneurs like yourself from creating a life of true prosperity.

See if these sound familiar…

Fear of Success or 

Fear of Failure

  • You continue to be limited by old stories like: I am a perfectionist, I’m not good with numbers, I am not great with technology

  • You're under-charging and attracting difficult clients

  • You avoid working with a mentor or coach because you're afraid you won't follow through

Toxic Programming and Negative Self-Talk

  • Who am I to think I can help anyone else when I struggle so?

  • If I make lots of money then I'll alienate the people around me

  • You feel as if you should be so much farther along than you are

Shiny Object Syndrome and Procrastination

  • You've got a plethora of certifications and bookshelves full of unfinished programs

  • You jump around from idea to idea, constantly thinking 'This is going to be my big breakthrough'

  • You feel like there's too much to do and not enough time

If these are things you’d like to change once and for all, then here’s the program that makes it happen… 

Introducing The Programmed for Prosperity™

Self-Hypnosis Course (Value $3,997)

Below is a peek behind the curtain at all the juicy ways we’ll be programming you for your new juicy dream life of prosperity...

Module 1 - Foundations

  • ​Preparing yourself to follow through.
  • ​This week will help to get clear on your intention for the rest of the program. 
  • ​You will work through "Create a New Experience of Abundance," a workshop to UPLEVEL your income, and not in the way you may be accustomed to... 

Module 2 - Priming Your Goal Achieving Machine

  • Discover a secret phrasing technique to clear any lingering “values conflicts” that might be holding you back.
  • ​Learn how to intentionally craft your new “rules for life” that your world must restructure around.
  • ​How to “power up” the effectiveness of any session so your mind is focused on what to work on for you.

Module 3 - You Are the Vortex

  • Unlock the hidden power of your negative thoughts to move you towards what you really want.
  • ​Achieve quantum leaps in prosperity through “the Vortex Process.”
  • ​How to make friends with money.
  • ​A nightly ritual that programs your mind to find more of what you want.

Module 4 - Let Go To Receive

  • Stop copying and pasting your past to your future. Edit your life for maximum joy.
  • ​The little-known “8 Purse” strategy that guides your money instead of your money guiding you.
  • ​How to strategically manifest so that you leave no doubt you are the vortex.
  • ​Secrets to shift from where you are to radical responsibility--and love it.

Module 5 - Raising Your Financial Thermostat

  • How to find silver linings everywhere you look.
  • ​Proven wealth activation exercises.
  • ​The “Fun Money” question.

Module 6 - Your Prosperity Lies in Your Authenticity

  • How to do more of what you love, less of what you tolerate, and none of what you hate.
  • Unlocking your ability to say no so you can say yes.
  • The power of “3 Way” affirmations.

Module 7 - Step Into Your Greatness

  • How to kick your inner critic to the curb once and for all.
  • Creating energy shifts through the “joyful rampage” technique.
  • Be your own best coach by mastering “Inner Pep Talk”.

Module 8 - Be Tenacious About Growing Your Wealth

  • Choosing the Self-Hypnosis process that’s best for you.
  • How to easily install new habits that support your juicy dream life.
  • Understanding the importance of the drift and the ripple.

Module 9 - Quantum Leap Time

  • The “Chill Pill” and “Deep Sleep” video.
  • The truth about what the universe has waiting for you.
  • 3 Steps to creating your perfect “Future Now” scenario.

Module 10 - This Is Just The Beginning

And so much more..

Does that seem like a lot? Feeling overwhelmed? Excited but cautious? A little of both? Wish the program was shorter? Longer? Worried about the cost?

That’s ok, whatever you’re feeling is normal. It’s just your current programming kicking in trying to keep you “safe” from change.

But don’t worry…

On This Journey, You’re Never Alone

In addition to all the incredible tools and insights you’ll be discovering inside the course, you’ll also discover a vibrant community of like-minded believers...

… a valuable resource while you’re enrolled in Programmed for Prosperity™.

It's a surefire way to cement what you’re learning (and unlearning) with real people going through the same program.

But that’s not all you get. 

My Voice Will Go With You…

Long after you complete the course I’ll still be right there with you “on call” at the push of a button.

How is this possible?

It’s possible because I’m giving you immediate, lifetime access to...

The Programmed for Prosperity™

Hypnosis Audio Downloads (Value $4,970)

I’ve pre-recorded audios for you to use to deepen your new programming at the push of a button. These audios one-on-one would cost a minimum of $497 each.

NOTICE: even though you can easily download these recordings to your phone, they should never be used while driving or operating machinery.

Your downloads library includes:

Money (Value $1,491) - This deals with all the ways old limiting beliefs could keep you from fully making friends with money, and lets your subconscious know those things are no longer true. Includes...

  • Dream Big
  • Increase Your Financial Thermostat
  • Tenacious Money

Mindset (Value $1,988) - This includes hypnosis tracks to help you grow in excellence, to master your craft, and let you best self shine through. Includes...

  • I Am Enough
  • Perfect, Deep, Unbroken Sleep
  • Heart Coherence Meditation
  • Future, Now

Self-Hypnosis (Value $1,491) - Guided tracks to help you create exactly what you need. Includes...

  • Self Hypnosis Primer
  • Guided Self Hypnosis
  • Emotional Suggestion Self-Hypnosis

Any ONE of these tracks could be the key you’ve been looking for that unlocks your “unactualized potential.”

And even though they are valued at a combined $8,967 you’ll get them all included when you choose to enroll in Programmed for Prosperity™.

You also don’t have to worry about paying $3,997 for the 10 Week Course because I’m going to give you an even better deal.

Do the math and you’ll see the value of everything mentioned above is $8,967...

Why You Won’t Pay $8,967

Because I want more entrepreneurs to bring their best selves to the world, I’m going to give you access to the Programmed for Prosperity™ course and the Hypnosis Audio Recordings for far less than my mentors and clients say I could charge.

Before I share the offer, let me ask you…

What would it be worth if all Programmed for Prosperity™ ever did for you was... 

… unleash your ability to exponentially grow your income with ease and grace without sacrificing anything at all, it’d be worth what that’s worth...

… or allow you to wake up with focused enthusiasm as you fearlessly pursue your grandest vision, it’d be worth what that’s worth…

… or finally leave behind anxiety around money, for good, as new channels of wealth flow into your life effortlessly, it’d be worth what that’s worth…

… or make huge strides in your business because self sabotage and procrastination are a thing of the past, it’d be worth what that’s worth…

… and if all this program ever did was enable you to breathe again with a deep sense of trust that money is an unlimited resource and always available to you, then it’d be worth whatever that’s worth to you. 

The fact is, what you get once you enroll in Programmed for Prosperity™ is far more valuable than I could ever put into words or the $8,967 it’s clearly worth. 

How do I know? Because that’s what people share with me day in and day out by email, on social media, and over video… 

See How We’re Helping

Our Clients Win...

 If You Watch Just One Video On This Page, Watch This...

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More Client Success Stories...

Name: Donna

Industry:  Real Estate

Results: Resigned from a toxic job to go full time in real estate... and more importantly, reclaimed her JOY!

Name: Jaqueline

Industry: Life Coach

Results: Shifted her energy around money, and saw a generous flow of new coaching clients!

Name: Jumana

Industry: Energy Healer

Results: Exclaims "Melanie is magic!"

Name: Vibeke

Industry: Pet Grief Coach

Results: Eliminated procrastination.

Name: Sean

Industry: Copywriter

Results: Doubled income, doing 1/2 the work!

Name: Steph

Industry: Online Marketing Coach

Results: Clarity and sense for money making opportunities intensified!

Name: Jo

Industry: Life Coach

Results: released the fear & stress around money, attracted money and opportunities, and increased her JOY!

Name: Polly

Industry: World Class Speaker

Results: Released the hustle & grind that threatened her health and embraced her magic!

Name: Sean

Industry: Copywriting

Results: Doubled income, with 1/2 the work!

Name: Jennifer

Industry: Serial Entrepreneur

Results: Fast track to manifestation!

Name: Jody

Industry: Musician

Results: Ended money anxiety.

Name: Rosie

Industry: Business Coach

Results: Raised financial thermostat!

Name: Carly

Industry: Business Coach

Results: Free from money anxiety

How can I even begin to describe how your work has transformed my feelings around money? I’m sending every single one of my clients to you and more. Complete utter peace around money and spending, even in tight situations that would normally induce fear and anxiety. I’m free! Thank you!  - Carly D

Name: Paul

Industry: Business Coach

Results: Bounced back from burnout!

Melanie worked her magic on me when I was getting burned out frustrated with a work situation. She took me through a very simple (and painless) process to help me identify why these things bothered me but more importantly why they shouldn't. I noticed change the next day and it set me off on a new path. I have new insights and understandings that have opened up new opportunities and I am much more relaxed than I was. Melanie is great at this and I recommend her 100%.  - Paul T

“Here’s A Quick Recap Of What You’re Gonna Get When You Get Started Today...”

Programmed for Prosperity™

Self-Hypnosis Course

$777 497

$275 Payment Plan Available

Programmed for Prosperity™ Self-Hypnosis Course

Hypnosis Audio Recording Downloads

Secure payments through Stripe. Payment Plan Options Available in the Cart.


Melanie McCool, C.Ht

  •  The Entrepreneur's Hypnotherapist™ and Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis

  • With more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, she combines the neuroscience of success, money mindset, sales confidence training, hypnosis and NLP to help you to quickly remove subconscious blocks and end the cycle of procrastination and self sabotage.

  • Lives by the mantra - "The Happier You are, the More Money You Make!"

  • ​Her mission? To facilitate your breakthrough so you can reach your highest potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

You have INSTANT access to the self-guided online course.

Can I do this program at my own pace?

Most certainly! We recommend staying with the pace of the course, but if it works better for you to do in your time, that's great too!

Do you offer refunds if I decide not to stay in the program?

No. All benefits begin as soon as you enroll in the program. Embarking on this journey requires dedication and fortitude to see this process through.

What if I cannot participate in hypnosis for health or medical reasons?

Please send an email to support@mindworxco.com, so I can better address your concerns.

You are far more powerful than you have been led to believe.

Master your subconscious and you'll live an EPIC life!

- Melanie McCool

Melanie McCool is Proudly Certified in:

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